Starting today: Community Vote of No Confidence

Starting today and for the next three weeks, a team of 25 volunteers will be striving to visit every house in Dartington.  They will be asked whether they “have no confidence that Dartington Hall Trust are acting in the best interests of our village in proposing 14 greenfield sites for the development of at least 500 houses”.  The hope is to capture the depth of the disenchantment and distrust many in the community now feel towards the Trustees and Senior Management at DHT, and the completed forms will be delivered to the Trustees in December.



Starting today: Community Vote of No Confidence — 1 Comment

  1. I am a Canadian descendant of the Elmhirst family. My Maternal Great Grandmother was an Elmhirst of Keene Ontario, Canada. I am horrified that the Dartington Trust is considering this development. There are hundreds of Elmhirst descendants in North America and I feel that the Estate should be preserved for future generations of the Elmhirst Family and for other persons that revere the past of the our heritages.

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