SHDC Publish ‘Draft Local Plan’ – Come and see it on Saturday 16th July, 9am – 1.00 pm in Darlington Village Hall

DMap1South Hams District Council has just published its Draft Local Plan invites consultation from local people until mid August.
What does it mean for us?
In the plan, Dartington is earmarked by planners for the development of around 600 houses by 2034. This includes around 200 already newly built or with planning permission. The plan allocates sites for a total of 6,000 new houses over the 60 parishes of the South Hams. We feel it’s unfair on Dartington’s community, infrastructure and environment to bear this number.
Whilst the public are responding to the plan so are the developers. Some may try to have their sites included too when the plan is examined by a government planning inspector. Take a look at the draft plan online at
Locals have already made a difference
DBDUC’s actions in 2014 and 2015 have saved 14 of the 19 sites proposed by Dartington Hall Trust (DHT) for development. The fields between Barracks Hill and Droridge Lane are not to be developed in this plan. If you walked with us to Follaton House in September 2014, wrote a card of objection to SHDC, sent your ‘vote’ to Dartington Hall Trust or have helped our Brimhay campaign- thank you. YOU are making a real difference in our parish.
Whilst they wish to develop some sites to secure their future, DHT are focussing new development on the core estate, which could dictate higher standards for any new builds close to the listed buildings and on estate land. SHDC would prefer them to develop larger sites including Broom Park; a site that would attract larger developers. Working with the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan group, DBDUC are meeting with DHT to explore whether there is common ground for a response to SHDC planners. In doing so, we will still argue strongly for much lower numbers of new houses in our parish.
DBDUC is not anti- development. We applaud initiatives that house local people in sustainably built housing designed in conjunction with the local community, such as Transition Homes and our alternative scheme for Brimhay. Despite the 800 plus houses built in Totnes in recent years, only ONE family has been housed from the housing register. The current model isn’t working for local people or our precious environment.
What can you do?
*Come along to an exhibition of the plans and consultation hosted by Dartington Neighbourhood Plan volunteers and give YOUR response to SHDC’s plan- on
Saturday 16th July 9am- 1pm.Dartington Village Hall.
* look out for the flyer with plans shortly to be posted to you.
*Let DBDUC know YOUR views via our web site and facebook group.
* Display this poster in your window.

Why we’re fighting for Brimhay
You are probably aware of South Devon Rural Housing Association’s (SDRHA) controversial plans to demolish Brimhay Bungalows and replace them with a dense urban style development of blocks of flats and 12 houses. The buildings would cover the garden, open space and wild stream valley beyond, destroying the habitats of dormice and five species of bats. Brimhay residents objected strongly to being rehoused in flats with no gardens or even a lift. Allowing such urban development at Brimhay could set a precedent for development elsewhere in Dartington. In response, DBDUC came up with an alternative. Award winning designer Bob Tomlinson of The Living Village Trust devised eco friendly houses all set around a green and gardens and left the wild valley wild. Our parish council has now submitted a planning application for this scheme to SHDC.
South Hams District Council gave SDRHA planning permission last July, but a local resident has challenged the decision. Lawyers cited that SHDC had IGNORED European wildlife legislation, IGNORED people’s rights to open space amongst other arguments and a judge has granted a Judicial Review hearing at the Royal Courts in London on 19th July. We are told that this is a ‘substantive’ case that will have much wider significance.
This hearing and our alternative plan offers a beacon of hope to Dartington and to communities all over Britain, besieged by dense uninspiring development at the expense of community and environment. Winning will strengthen European wildlife legislation and local people’s rights in planning their place. Supporting our alternative scheme will demonstrate that our community can create sustainable developments that do not compromise people or wildlife. Together we can make a difference.
We need your help!
PLEASE DONATE to the Brimhay Appeal. Some legal aid is available, but the community have to also raise up to £7,500 before 19th July towards legal costs. We have already raised £2,000 through our curry night and auction, another £1,500 through donations. Every £1 helps!
* Watch our video and donate to our crowdfund campaign
*Donate by cheque to ‘Don’t Bury Dartington Under Concrete’ Post to 22, Droridge, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6JQ
Donate by bank transfer to Don’t Bury Dartington Under Concrete, Account no 65768484. Sort code 08-92-99.
For more info visit-
Join our Facebook group – ‘Don’t Bury Dartington Under Development’.
Follow us on Twitter @dartingtonpower.

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