SDRHA have resubmitted EXACXTLY THE SAME plans again for Brimhay- adding 3 additional reports to cover the issues of open space and wildlife that brought a quashing of the planning permission granted at judicial review in July. After all the objections they know that if they get permission to build their original scheme, they will be forcing a truly unwanted development upon the whole community.

It seems incredible that a Housing Association should act in that way.

The reports are biased and full of errors- it seems little effort has been made to really understand the issues of open space- merely to justify a desired conclusion. The dormice survey conveniently finds no nuts this September- on a  ONE DAY survey by their consultant ecologist. They are arguing that this means they will not need a licence to disturb European Protected Species as they clear and bulldoze the wild valley!

We now need as many responses as possible to the plans and reports which can be seen at If you can’t find a response button – which appears to be missing on the SHDC web page for this application simply email and copy in to ensure your objections and comments reach the decision makers. Responses should be in by 30th Nov, but we know that they will accept any sent in for weeks after that – before a decision is made- but don’t leave that to chance- write or email now!  This week, we’ll also be distributing orange postcards door to door this week. If you don’t have one- or would like some for friends, email us- thanks.

Meanwhile, we have written an in depth report to respond to their Open Space report- a detailed response to the dormice survey to follow in a day or two- keep a watch on this page. Have a read of our response- it’s quite revealing- and take any of the points we make to use in your own comments to the planners.

Whatever you do- Don’t miss the chance to respond, have a say and show just how strongly this community feels against SDRHA’s damaging plans.

Remember that whilst the same old SDRHA plan is going back to the councillors for a decision, the community supported alternative is also in the planning system and could be decided before Christmas. If you have not yet sent in your support of the alternative- please take a look at and email in or just use the ‘comment on application button at the bottom of that online page. We still have some postcards for people to post in their message of support. If you’d like one or some for friends- tell us and we’ll get some to you.

Thanks to everyone who continues to fight for a better Brimhay.

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