We have a bank account!

It is just opened and a vast improvement on our jam jar!

Over the past year DBDUC has achieved a great deal – saved 17 of the threatened fields, seen change in the whole structure and working of Dartington Hall Trust and become a credible voice listened to by the Trust, SHDC and decision makers – and we still have so much work to do to continue having a real say in Dartington and its future.

Its all been done on a shoestring and thanks to generous donations from local people who have funded the web site, lawyers bills, leaflets, photocopying, badges and hours of telephone bills! Most of all we value and thank people for the time they all give to make these achievements possible.

Now DBDUC is properly constituted, we have a Co op bank account – and with more campaign work on the horizon this autumn, we need some cash to put in it. So if you feel like supporting us – every pound is really appreciated – please consider donating online by bank transfer. In 2 – 3 weeks, donations can be paid in at Dartington post office too. Thank you so much.

Our account is called ‘Dont Bury Dartington Under Concrete’

Account Number: 65768484
Sort Code: 08-92-99