Could Dartington double in size in 10 years?

db2Sound shocking? We’ve been doing some maths. Only back of an envelope stuff- but it looks as though counting up current planning permissions and those already in the pipeline that over 300 more dwellings will already be added to our village- all prior to our involvement in the Neighbourhood Plan!

So here are the sums-

  • Sawmills Field development currently under construction- 63 houses
  • Tweed Mills redevelopment- planning permission approved for 30 houses
  • Abundant Life – DHT’s development of Foxhole plus a new build block of apartments 170 dwellings
  • Brimhay redevelopment- the proposed bulldozing of 18 small bungalows and replacement with 24 houses plus a 3 storey block for adults with learning disabilities ( number of units not stated yet). Plans to go in very soon at South Hams District Council
  • Transition Homes (with wide community support for these low carbon sustainable homes) – 26 dwellings.

That makes 313 new dwellings plus the block at Brimhay if approved- before the community thoughtfully plan for small areas of housing through the Neighbourhood Planning process.

IF DHT have their way and developers move in to build up to 500 houses on the green field sites they offer, we could face well over 800 houses being built around our village- when the whole parish comprises under 800 homes. Our campaign to get DHT to withdraw those sites looks more and more sane. Doubling the number of houses in our rural village is surely the way to insanity and destruction?


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