Comment on Joint Local Plan. But only until MONDAY 3rd DECEMBER.



The Joint Local Plan is in its final stage and is out now for public consultation on its modifcations. But only until MONDAY 3rdDECEMBER.

Despite the objections of hundreds of people, Planning Inspectors are poised to give the go ahead for 504 houses to be built in our parish. The green fields of Broom Park and Sawmills West are now marked for development.

Whilst we cannot object to the entire Plan itself,we CAN comment on the modifications. Some are weak or inconsistent and may make the final Plan undeliverable .We’re concerned about policies which

1. Allow developers to build 2077 SURPLUS houses in South Hams– 27% above even the Joint Local Plan’s assessment of housing needs.

2. Allow Dartington Hall Trust to sidestep planning lawand build almost 400 houses on its land to generate income rather than to supply local need (no-one else can legally do this).

2. Ignore the increase in air pollutionthat 1000 houses in Dartington and Totnes will create (1000 houses could mean 2000 more cars including deliveries etc). The A385 corridor already regularly breaks World Health Organisation safety levels for air quality. We are breathing toxic air as bad as that in any city.

3, Damage wildlife.We are so lucky to have Greater Horseshoe bats and dormice which are on the brink of extinction, but some policies in the JLP allow ‘mitigation’ to enable development. This means that precious habitats can be destroyed and a feature favoured by a species (eg a hedge) can be created elsewhere in the hope that the bats, dormice or otters will move in. Mitigation in the case of endangered species is illegal, so this policy must be changed.

We have highlighted some policies that we think can be challenged, which you can do by emailing

Alternatively, do look at the Plan modifications online at

And use the portal provided for your response, Thank you.

Dear Planners,

I wish to comment and object to the following Major Modifications of the South and West Devon Joint Local Plan. Please acknowledge receipt of this card.  

1. I object to the Revised Housing Topic Paper Addendum, October 2018 (pageVII) that allocates a surplus of 2077  houses. Accepting 900 houses from West Devon’s allocation to the South Hams will exacerbate commuting, countryside loss and urbanisation.

2.Policy MM30 (TTV NEW).Allocating at least 120 houses on Dartington Hall Estate plus over 300 on DHT owned land in Dartington parish, has not been founded on local housing needs, but the ‘need for housing and commercial development to generate long term funding streams…’ This is not a material consideration for planning.

3. MM39 Air Quality in AQMA’s. This policy is weak and should include the ‘in combination’ effects of developments that generate increased traffic. Allocating around 1000 new houses in Dartington and Totnes, where World Health Organisation limits are breached daily will adversely affect people’s health.

 4. Policy MM51 to protect endangered species, including Greater Horseshoe bats, (legally protected by European and UK law), is welcomed. The recognition of the ‘in combination’ effects of development is good, but may be undeliverable when allocating almost 1000 houses in Dartington and Totnes. Much of Dartington is covered by the Special Area for Conservation (SAC) for Greater Horseshoe Bats and Totnes is crisscrossed by established bat flyways. Policy STP11 that allows offsetting for loss of protected species’ habitats due to development  and STP30 that offer mitigation for loss of GH bat habitat lost to development on the Dartington Hall Estate, conflict with policy MM51.GH bats and other species have established flyways and foraging patterns and cannot change them. Loss of EU and UK protected species and their habitat (including the SAC) is illegal




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