DBDUC Greater Horseshoe Bat Report The Tale of Brimhay - in a nutshell What does the Joint Local Plan mean for us? DBDUC response to Deeply Flawed SHDRA Dormouse Survey LAST CHANCE TO STOP THE DAMAGING SDRHA DEVELOPMENT AT BRIMHAY

DBDUC Greater Horseshoe Bat Report

25th April 2018

Development pressures and Greater Horseshoe Bats in the South Devon SAC. Can they survive?

A …

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The Tale of Brimhay - in a nutshell

1st December 2017

Since 2015, the community of Dartington village have been objecting strongly to South Devon Rural Ho…

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What does the Joint Local Plan mean for us?

4th April 2017


The Draft Joint Local Plan (JLP) was issued early last month and a six-week formal con…

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DBDUC response to Deeply Flawed SHDRA Dormouse Survey

1st December 2016

Anyone who loves our wildlife will be incensed to read the report put forward by SDRHA’s consult…

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23rd November 2016

SDRHA have resubmitted EXACXTLY THE SAME plans again for Brimhay- adding 3 additional reports to…

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New DBDUC report shows planners and local authorities failing to protect South Devon’s most endangered wildlife- the Greater Horseshoe Bat

Greater Horseshoe bats are endangered. There are only around 5500 left in the South West.  South Devon is their stronghold and the areas around Buckfastleigh, Dartington and Berry Head in Brixham in particular, so European and UK legislation protects, or should protect, their roosting, breeding, feeding and flying areas to ensure their survival.

But in Dartington and Totnes, the survival of the amazing Greater Horseshoes is challenged; not by farming changes but by the allocation of almost 1000 new houses in the Joint Local Plan. Alerted by the contradiction these proposals  pose, DBDUC took an investigative look at the policies, laws and agencies there to protect Greater Horseshoes and at how these have been applied to developments in Dartington which is one of the most important habitat and flyzone areas I South Devon. Looking at 19 recently built, permitted or proposed sites, large and small, the result was shocking. All were failing to meet EU law and its regulations, planning policy and the g7uidance set down by our council.

Now we’re asking why- and holding those who should safeguard the greater Horseshoe’s survival to account.

Read our report and tell us what YOU think.

About us: Something is changing in the state of Dartington – we hope!


Welcome to the website of Don’t Bury Dartington Under Concrete, a campaign of local people standing up to a Dartington Hall Trust (DHT) which has been increasingly adrift from its founding values but we hope is finding them again!

After much hard work on the part of local people it appears that DHT are offering a sea change in their approach to the local community. DHT have made a firm commitment to the Neighborhood Plan – a vital part of any real community dialogue.

We came together in September 2014 when DHT submitted land for the development of up to 500 houses around our small, rural village.  We now see part of our on going function as continuing to monitor and encourage the changing development policies of DHT and ensure DHT adopt a more open approach to the local community. DBDUC continues to call for DHT to be genuinely ‘accountable’ and to work with us to create something wonderful in our village.

This website will continue to keep everyone up to date and provide a place to share and exchange ideas. It will offer suggestions on how you can help. You can also see our blog documenting our campaign to get DHT to live its values.  Please get involved, share your thoughts. It’s time to live the change.